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The Therapist

Evelyn A. Rogers, Certified Massage Therapist - Not all massage is created equal.

Hello and welcome. I have been practicing massage therapy in Valparaiso since October of 1987. I can hardly believe it has been so long!

Over the years I have worked with countless muscle stress complaints. Back pain, neck pain, hips, chronic health concerns, arthritis, fibromyalgia, car accident victims, to name a few. The challenges have been many but made me grow as a therapist and a person. I have truly enjoyed working with my clients. There is no better feeling as a massage therapist then to see someone leave my office feeling so much better.

I soon came to realize early in my career Swedish Massage is great for a general relaxation massage but for the client with muscle problems more was needed. I researched, took additional classes in medical massage practices and read extensively on how best to reduce the muscle tension and pain for my clients. Enhancing the healing response of the body to muscle injury with specific massage techniques was vital. Without this deeper approach utilized properly there are no lasting benefits for specific muscle spasm and injury. It was with the more specific massage techniques my clients achieved long lasting results in pain reduction and muscle health. This is what has set me apart from other massage therapists. This is why my clients get better.

Deep tissue massage is NOT just pushing harder upon the tissues. Have you experienced just that with other massages? Not here. There must be specific techniques applied along with the deeper pressure if you are to receive maximum benefit from the massage.

Chronic conditions, like diabetes, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, demand a more gentle approach. With regular massage sessions your plan to reduce the discomforts associated with these conditions improves to give you a better quality of life.

There is a difference in massages. Come and experience the difference. I look forward to working with you.

Evelyn Rogers